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Repairing Pool Equipment and Surfaces in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Neighborhood Pool Service cleans and maintains hundreds of swimming pools in and around the Jacksonville area every week. Our pool licensed techs form the most experienced team available in Florida. Whatever your pool requires, cosmetic fixes, plumbing leaks, structural deck repairs or pool equipment malfunctions, we have it covered.

Pool Repairs we do in Jacksonville

Hot tub and spa equipment repairs.

Spa and hot tub repairs.

Repair cracked or chipped pool deck surfaces.

Fix pool waterfalls.

Detect leaks in your pool.

Fix all types of pool equipment: heaters, pumps, auto cleaners, timers, controllers, etc.

Correct pool lighting issues.

Tile or retile chipped and damaged sections of your pool.

Detect and fix pool plumbing leaks.

Correct pool structural leaks.

Jacksonville Pool Repair Parts